Travelmag-3 days in Matera

Bakeries Once the core of the peasants’ diet, Matera’s bread is pure cultural heritage encased in a dark golden crust, the true gem of local gastronomy. Occasions to enjoy its characteristic fragrance are numerous: At practically every meal or snack. But it is in the bakeries that the secrets of this traditional product are kept. Bakers since 1890, the Perrone family is one of the references when it comes to bread making in Matera.

Following the abandonment of the Sassi, Gennaro relocated the family business to a modern bakery in the new part of the city, currently run by his daughters Patrizia and Sabrina. They further renovated and modernised Il Forno Di Gennaro (Via Nazionale 52, 75100), enhancing the knowledge handed down by the previous generations. High or horn-shaped loaves, friselle (dry bread) and taralli biscuits are some of the typical products, but Il Forno di Gennaro also runs hands-on workshops during which visitors learn all about Matera-style bread making (available in English).