Handcrafted sweets

In these pages we show you with texts, images and videos about the production of handmade sweets of the Forno di Gennaro in Matera. The story of the production phases and the details of the Matera tradition.


Chiacchiere are a typical dessert of the Carnival period, their origin is ancient and is present in the tradition of almost all Italian regions. They are simple and delicious, presented as a delicate and crunchy pastry with icing sugar.
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Friselle with almonds

The Friselle with almonds are a delight of the Matera tradition, which are prepared with two cooking moments, the first after the dough which also contains the almonds, then they are dried, cut and put back in the oven. >> Continue

Scorzette with almonds and chocolate

The scorzette with egg whites, ground almonds and chocolate are a delight originating from Cilento that we wanted to include among our products. I am a dessert with a refined and refined taste. Il Forno di Gennaro produces them all by hand with the best ingredients. >> Continue

Handmade cartellate

Cartellate in Matera are a Christmas dessert par excellence, the Forno di Gennaro produces them all by hand according to tradition with the best ingredients that guarantee their unique and refined taste.
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