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The Bread of Matera and the Pope Francesco visit

imagePatrizia Perrone speech on TG1 Dialogo, the episode of 1 October 2022, a large part of which is dedicated to the Pope’s visit to Matera and the Bread of Matera.

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XXVII Eucharistic National Congress in Matera City of Bread

imageFor the occasion of the XXVII National Eucharistic Congress start in Matera, the tribute of TRM Network for this event with a video dedicated to Matera, City of Bread

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Matera: The centenary culture of Bread

imageJanuary 11, 2022 - Talal Khrais (NNA Beirut) / Editorial team

During the visit of the journalists of the Foreign Press of Rome, a very particular stage was the one in which one of the main elements of the popular culture of the region, and of Matera in particular, was illustrated, the culture of bread, and to show the secrets of this ancient art were the expert "artisan bakers" of one of the oldest bakery in the city, the famous Forno Perrone.

Italy has a centuries-old tradition relating to bread.

From north to south, each town has its own traditional bread, and among the most famous is the bread of Matera. Known for its ancient houses, stones and rupestrian churches, Matera is a city of undisputed charm, and appreciated all over the world, so much so that the Lucanian town has been inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List since 1992.

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From Matera with love

imageEasyjet traveller - Ottobre 2021

From Matera with love - we explore the Bond - approved Italian city on a cultural ascent
Above ground Matera is a charming hilltop town. Below ground it holds a secret history. We follow in the footsteps of the world’s most famous spy an gets under the surface of the most intriguing city of southern Italy.

[...] Every souvenir here has a story. There are the chicken-shaped cucù whistles, which have been carved in the region to ward off evil spirits since 400BC. Wooden bread stamps, now curios for visiting foodies, were once a crucial tool for distinguishing each family’s loaf in the giant communal ovens of the Sassi.

Which leads us to Il Forno di Gennaro, an acclaimed bakery run for generations by the Perrone family, where the air is sweetly yeasted and glossy wheels of stuffed focaccia call to us from behind the counter. The bakers begin at midnight, working seven days a week to produce the city’s iconic loaves.

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The Italian Gastronomy

imageTraveling in Italy: Basilicata - May 2021

The typical bread of Matera, prepared by Il forno di Gennaro (Panificio Perrone) respecting the short supply chain.

Matera bread
Very crunchy crust and very soft heart: Matera bread is among the most popular products of the region and among the most sought-after breads in Italy. Obtained with an ancient processing system, it is produced only with durum wheat semolina and mother yeast, in large loaves in the shape of a conical shape, weighing one or two kilos; maintains fragrance and perfume even for a week.

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Raffaele Nigro - Che Sud Fa


Madamefigaro Japanese Magazine


Travelmag-3 days in Matera

imageAs one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2019, the city of Matera with its extensive collection of troglodytic cave dwellings, rock-cut architecture, rupestrian art, ancestral history and cultural heritage

Bakeries Once the core of the peasants’ diet, Matera’s bread is pure cultural heritage encased in a dark golden crust, the true gem of local gastronomy.

Occasions to enjoy its characteristic fragrance are numerous: At practically every meal or snack. But it is in the bakeries that the secrets of this traditional product are kept.

Bakers since 1890, the Perrone family is one of the references when it comes to bread making in Matera.

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Matera una guida

imageÈ in libreria Matera una guida, la più completa e aggiornata guida sulla città. Lo sguardo di due insider, una guida contemporanea al meglio di Matera. Otto passeggiate lente tra musei, Sassi, chiese rupestri, paesaggi, il Novecento, buon cibo, folklore, persone e con l’anima a posto.

Matera una guida svela ai visitatori e agli abitanti della città gemme artistiche, aneddoti storici e ritratti di concittadini attraverso otto passeggiate lente descritte con cura, precisione e una contagiosa spensieratezza.

Ampio spazio è dedicato alla cultura gastronomica, intesa come racconto del territorio e dei locali e ristoranti che offrono cucina contemporanea e tradizionale.

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The New York Times magazine

imageBy Kate Maxwell Oct. 11, 2017

One look at Matera, in Italy’s deep south, and you’ll wonder why the historic Puglian towns of Ostuni and Lecce get all the attention. This city of pale gold limestone, just over the border from Puglia in Basilicata, has more layers than a sfogliatella pastry: Its two cave districts, Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso, are composed of individual dwellings carved into fossil-stuffed strata and stacked on top of each other like cells in a haphazardly constructed beehive.

They were inhabited from prehistory until the 1950s, when-overcrowded, poverty-stricken and disease-ridden-they were evacuated by the state. Dubbed-the shame of Italy-Matera remained largely abandoned for decades. In the 1990s, the Sassi became playgrounds for Matera’s errant youth.

Recently, though, entrepreneurs have returned home after stints in Rome and Milan and given new life to the city, which will be 2019’s European Capital of Culture. Thankfully, they’ve allowed the place to speak for itself-opening elegant hotels with vaulted cave rooms and restaurants that offer refined takes on local classics, like orecchiette with fennel sausage served with chewy semolina bread.

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